IU awards research grant for food systems sustainability

In the face of environmental change and persistent public health issues, how do we develop more resilient sustainable food systems? This question, and more, is at the heart of the two research initiatives selected to receive 2018 Emerging Areas of Research awards from Indiana University Bloomington. The goal of the sustainable food systems Emerging Areas of Research initiative is to analyze food systems from varying perspectives and in both local and international contexts to identify what it takes to create environmentally sustainable, socially just and resilient systems for food, from production to procurement. The research team will receive up to $2.5 million for the four-year initiative.

The "Sustainable Food Systems Science" initiative is led by James Farmer, a faculty member in the School of Public Health-Bloomington, along with co-leaders Eduardo Brondizio, Analena Bruce, Daniel Knudsen, Jennifer Robinson and Peter Todd. The entire collborative team is made up of Angela Babb, Stephanie Dickinson, Brad Fulton, Stacey Giroux, Carl Ipsen, Sarah Osterhoudt, Julia Valliant, and Kurt Waldman.

The project will be centrally located at the IU Food Institute.

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